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Conspiracy Music Guru, exposes the world’s greatest deceptions with lyrics that inform and teach, and together with an understanding of the power of 432Hz his music delivers a natural vibration which has had a profound impact and resonance with his fans. Conscious music is what the Conspiracy Music Guru is all about.
Alex Michael, 
a multi instrumentalist and music producer is the mastermind behind the Conspiracy Music Guru and is as passionate about truth as he is about music.

His music is diverse, covering musical genres from comedic country, with the popular character and album Flat Earth Man to instrumental healing music with his album True Solfeggio. His latest album entitled Black Sheep utilises rock while the album Unplug has a more natural softer acoustic sound to convey the truth filled messages.

Black Sheep, the conscious rock album from Conspiracy Music Guru

The truth never hit so hard. CMG lets it all out with hard guitars and attitude. This banging album combines momentous truths and rocking choruses.
Recorded in 432 Hz the heavy power chords that flood this album sound full and empowering.

Using only unplugged instruments this album has a raw and natural sound throughout and is packed with truth, emotion and CMG's signature catchy hooks.
Chill out to the truth with this conscious

acoustic album.
Recorded in 432 Hertz

An album of chilled relaxing guitar instrumentals with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies.
Music that is the polar opposite of what the controllers of this world want. Music that suits the human spirit and heals.
Recorded in 432 Hertz

This album has a unique toe tapping sound, and is flooded with catchy choruses and lyrical

truths exposing some of the greatest lies on earth. Award winning conscious music, with a wealth of information, a hit with all ages, and of course recorded in 432 Hertz

Flat Earth Man gets the band back together for this amazing live performance. Flat Earth Man and the band performed all the classic songs from the Flat Earth Man album and shook it up a little with some alternative acoustic unplugged versions. Recorded in 432 Hertz

Conspiracy Music Guru's character Flat Earth Man is a huge hit with children, his fun and clever lyrics with catchy choruses combined with his comedic animated style in his music videos have the children dancing, laughing and singing along whilst learning some of the most fundamental truths of our time.

These award winning music videos have accumulated millions of views and have now been turned into a series of children's books that promote learning but most of all critical thinking.

Each book contains a QR code that takes you straight to the music video so you can sing along!

Flat Earth Man Books Promote Critical Thought!.jpg

Do you see?

A very cool way of letting others know that you see what they see.

What are comedians saying about CMG?

Comedian Owen Benjamin discovers Conspiracy Music Guru

Comedian Jim Breuer discovers Conspiracy Music Guru

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