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Unplug (432 Hz)

Over the last few years CMG has released a bunch of demos and singles on social media that have now collectively accumulated millions of views, so given the increasing popularity of these songs it was high time for them all to go onto an album.

Given that all of the aforementioned songs varied dramatically in genre, something had to be done in order for all of these songs to work together side by side

CMG decided to record every one of these songs again so they would all compliment one another in one place.

The result is this album entitled “UNPLUG”

Using only unplugged instruments this album has a raw and natural sound reminiscent of the MTV unplugged era and is packed with truth, emotion and CMG's signature catchy hooks.

"It is the culmination musically of my frustrations and astonishment of this clown world over the last few years, many of you know where I'm coming from." - Alex Michael

Recorded in 432 Hz.
We hope this album resonates with you.


The full quality uncompressed physical CD is recommended and is available here

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