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True Solfeggio (432 Hz)

True Solfeggio by Conspiracy Music Guru is a one of the most unique albums in the world. We know of no other album that blends chilled instrumental guitar music with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies, recorded in the base frequency of 432 Hz

Alex Michael, the mastermind behind the Conspiracy Music Guru set out to make music that is the polar opposite of what the controllers of this world want, music that heals, music that suits the human spirit rather than music made in the dissonant frequency of 440 Hz which has been the tuning standard for almost the last 100 years.

The album consists of 7 x 7 minute long tracks that soothe, relax and heal. The album reached Number 6 in the Billboard Charts in it's category and the reviews speak for themselves.

The full quality uncompressed physical CD is recommended which is
available here

Listening with good quality headphones is a must!

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Check out some of these messages from people who feel the amazing healing effects of this album

Just some of the many 5 star Amazon reviews

I play this album before I go to bed and I have noticed this helps with my arthritis. Alex is a genius to create such beautiful and healing music.
Thank you so much Alex! ❤️

"It feels like my entire body is rejoicing. I just bought it and I have it on repeat. I could listen to this forever."

"Better then any pills the doctors prescribe you"

"This music definitely makes me feel relaxed and less agitated"



"Once you know about frequency and how they changed it, using this CD brings back wellness"

"One of the most incredible music experiences I have ever had."


"Amazing!! Please make more albums like this!!"

Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio Frequencies

This image shows all of the frequencies that are embedded into each track on the True Solfeggio album. There are 3 frequencies that sit embedded in each instrumental track. These are pure sine wave frequencies that I generated using a frequency generator, which I then set out to build the instrumental tracks around. All of these frequencies stem from a keynote tuning of A = 432 Hz

Please review
these videos for more information on Solfeggio and 432 Hz, to understand more about how and why our keynote tuning standard was changed.
Spoiler alert, it was not for the benefit of humanity..

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