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Black Sheep (432 Hz)

The truth never hit so hard. CMG lets it all out with hard guitars and attitude. This banging album combines momentous truths and rocking choruses.
Recorded in 432 Hz the heavy power chords that flood this album sound full and empowering

This album contains CMG’s biggest rock truther anthems:
I told you so, (soundtrack from the movie "The Naked Umbrella"),  Television watching news believer and Big pharma as well as 8 more hard hitting conspiracy songs including Level with me the soundtrack from the film of the same name.

The title track Black sheep says it all, many fellow black sheep will resonate with what’s being delivered in this track. “It’s about time team black sheep had an anthem to let it all out to” - CMG

CD case with CD disk BLACK SHEEP makes a rocking gift

There is a somber and eerie message in the tracks The secret covenant (parts 1 and 2) which outline the plans of the parasites that run the show, and in the track Wrong which puts forward the idea that we might be living in hell.

The song Fake alien invasion takes a more lighthearted approach and the title says it all for anyone that has researched this possible upcoming psyop and pokes a little fun at crisis actors.
As the chorus goes, “there’s gonna be a fake alien invasion, nothing more than lies and fabrication, don’t believe your eyes”

The list is a song that lists every conspiracy subject that you could possibly think of, the premise here was simple, make a list of as many conspiracies possible, make it rhyme and make the soundtrack hard and banging, and it certainly is that and more with the chorus ringing out “The list so vast, the list so long, this could be an endless song, the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on……”

We’re getting stronger is an epic climax to this album and a positive message for all. This musical piece of almost 8 minutes is full of empowering lyrics set to an emotional soundscape.
“We are the many and they are the few. We’re getting stronger, stronger than before, we’re getting stronger, the lion sleeps no more, hear our voices hear us roar, we will rise we will soar!


This album is dedicated to all of the black sheep out there, you rock!

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