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Release date:  7/7/24

Release date:  7/7/24

True Solfeggio - Volume 2 - (432 Hz Healing Music)

This is True Solfeggio - Volume 2, by Conspiracy Music Guru, a smooth and emotional album of guitar instrumentals recorded in 432 Hz with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies.

CMG steps up the emotion in this solfeggio sequel with slow hand guitar solos resulting in this moving and beautiful soundscape album of 7 tracks, each 7 minutes long.

"Having collated
much feedback from the first True Solfeggio album, the healing effects of solfeggio and 432 Hz can no longer be denied.
This first album is clearly doing amazing things in terms of wellbeing for those that immerse themselves in this music.
" - CMG

We recommend listening to this album with good quality headphones or a good sound system with no distractions, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music, you'll be amazed at what it can do!

Please report your experiences here!

CD case with CD disk (TRUE SOLFEGGIO 2 Heal Someone

Check out some of these messages from people who feel the amazing healing effects of solfeggio music.

Release date:  7/7/24

Solfeggio Frequencies

True Solfeggio - Volume 2 - a musical experiment

frequencies used.jpg

Solfeggio Frequencies for True Solfeggio - Volume 2

This image shows all of the frequencies that are embedded into each track on the True Solfeggio 2 album. There are 3 frequencies that sit embedded in each instrumental track. These are pure sine wave frequencies that I generated using a frequency generator, which I then set out to build the instrumental tracks around.

All of these frequencies stem from a keynote tuning of A = 432 Hz

Please review
these videos for more information on Solfeggio and 432 Hz, to understand more about how and why our keynote tuning standard was changed.

Spoiler alert, it was not for the benefit of humanity..

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