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all recorded in 432 Hz

Album Cover - True Solfeggio 2 (3000 x 3000).jpg

True Solfeggio - Volume 2 (432Hz)

CMG steps up the emotion  in this solfeggio sequel with slow hand guitar solos floating over a beautiful and moving soundscape.
A smooth and emotional album of guitar instrumentals recorded in 432 Hz with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies.


Black Sheep
Black Sheep Album cover

Black Sheep (432Hz)

The truth never hit so hard. CMG lets it all out with hard guitars and attitude. This banging album combines momentous truths and rocking choruses.
Recorded in 432 Hz the heavy power chords that flood this album sound full and empowering.

Unplug by Conspiracy Music Guru - 432 Hz

Unplug (432Hz)

Using only unplugged instruments this album has a raw and natural sound throughout and is packed with truth, emotion and CMG's signature catchy hooks. Recorded in 432 Hertz

True Solfeggio
True Solfeggio - 432 Hz Healing music

True Solfeggio (432Hz)

An album of chilled relaxing guitar instrumentals with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies.
Music that is the polar opposite of what the controllers of this world want. Music that suits the human spirit and heals.
Recorded in 432 Hertz

Flat Earth Man
Flat Earth Man - Conspiracy Music Guru - Album cover

Flat Earth Man (432Hz)

The album has a unique toe tapping sound, and is flooded with catchy choruses and lyrical truths exposing some of the greatest lies on earth. Award winning conscious music.
Recorded in 432 Hertz

Suspiciously Live and Unplugged
Suspiciously Live and Unplugged by Conspiracy Music Guru

Suspiciously Live and Unplugged (432Hz)

Flat Earth Man gets the band back together for this amazing live performance. Flat Earth Man and the band performed all the classic songs from the Flat Earth Man album and shook it up a little with some alternative acoustic unplugged versions. Recorded in 432 Hertz

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