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This is Conspiracy Music Guru's first album titled 'Flat Earth Man' where the multi-instrumentalist and producer created a larger than life character to deliver the truth filled songs, a Texan cowboy type, with an accent so convincing many thought it was real.

The album has a unique toe tapping sound, and is flooded with catchy choruses and lyrical truths exposing some of the greatest lies on earth.

The album was a double award winner within the truth seeking community and Hollywood comedian Owen Benjamin recently stated that he was in comedic awe of the works of Conspiracy Music Guru and labelled it 'genius'.

Flat Earth Man - Physical CD, 432 Hz

  • Listen to this album in it's full glory with this uncompressed full quality CD and hear how this album sounds straight from the studio of Conspiracy Music Guru. Recorded in 432 Hz

    - Sample Size: 16 bit, PCM
    - 44.1 kHz (44,100 Hz)
    - Two channels (Stereo)

    Track Listing:

    01 - Flat earth man
    02 - Do you still believe we went to the moon
    03 - Puppet show
    04 - Don't believe in gravity
    05 - No photographs of earth
    06 - Space is fake
    07 - Welcome to the satellite hoax
    08 - Don't let them take your mind
    09 - I always wanted to be an astronaut
    10 - I don't wanna talk about nasa

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