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Flat Earth Man (432 Hz) - Conspiracy Music Guru

This is Conspiracy Music Guru's first album titled 'Flat Earth Man' where the multi-instrumentalist and producer created a larger than life character to deliver the truth filled songs, a Texan cowboy type, with an accent so convincing many thought it was real.

The album has a unique toe tapping sound, and is flooded with catchy choruses and lyrical truths exposing some of the greatest lies on earth.

The album was a double award winner within the truth seeking community and Hollywood comedian Owen Benjamin recently stated that he was in comedic awe of the works of Conspiracy Music Guru and labelled it 'genius'.

The uncompressed full quality physical CD is recommended and
can be bought here


"CMG makes learning about conspiracies so much fun! But in all seriousness the music is poignantly written and extremely catchy. I mean, I don't even really care for conspiracies or country music, but this album is fantastic."


"This album is truth packaged in fun, be ready to wake up. Awesome work Flat Earth Man."


"I 100%%% Love TRUTH and Alex conveys Truth in his AMAZING, Catchy, Hilarious Music. He cares so much, that ALL his music is in 432hz, the way music should be. It can be a shock to many, that NASA, Government, Holly-Wood, are all in place to Make Us Believe in the Big Bang, Spinning Globe, Space Lie and that we evolved from Pond Scum, to Hide GOD, an Intelligent Creation, and that we are ALL Safe, Protected, and Loved by The Creator and All of Creation. I recommend any an all Alex's CDs, but especially his True Solfeggio 432hz CD. Thank You Again Conspiracy Music Guru! Keep Em Coming!!!"

Flat Earth Man
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