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True Solfeggio by Conspiracy Music Guru is a one of the most unique albums in the world. We know of no other album that blends chilled instrumental guitar music with embedded solfeggio healing frequencies, recorded in the base frequency of 432 Hz

Alex Michael, the mastermind behind the Conspiracy Music Guru set out to make music that is the polar opposite of what the controllers of this world want, music that heals, music that suits the human spirit rather than music made in the dissonant frequency of 440 Hz which has been the tuning standard for almost the last 100 years.

The album consists of 7 x 7 minute long tracks that soothe, relax and heal. The album reached Number 6 in the Billboard Charts in it's category.

True Solfeggio - Highest Quality (.wav files) 432 Hz

  • Listen to this album in it's full glory with these uncompressed full quality .wav files and hear how this album sounds straight from the studio of Conspiracy music Guru. Recorded in 432 Hz

    You will receive a link to a .zip file containing the album and the extras listed below. Please download this .zip file to your desktop first for unpacking

    File contains:

    01 - GOLDEN CROWN.wav
    02 - JOURNEY TO THE 3RD.wav
    03 - A LUMP IN MY THROAT.wav
    04 - HEART.wav
    05 - SOLAR RISING.wav
    06 - SACRAL SIGNS.wav
    07 - ROOTING.wav

    Also included:

    • album cover
    • studies on 432 Hz (4 x pdf's)
    • video - "introducing True Solfeggio"
    • video - "The power of 432 Hz"
    • List of frequencies used in "True Solfeggio"

    Audio data:

    • Sample Size: 16 bit, PCM
    • 44.1 kHz (44,100 Hz)
    • Two channels (Stereo)

    File size 691 MB

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